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Alto Adige

In the heart of Dolomites

The Alto Adige is the northernmost province of Italy and its capital is Bolzano.

It borders with Austria, Switzerland and Trentino, with which it forms the Trentino-Alto Adige.

It 'a perfect place for those in search of adventure and for those who want to relax.

Are many activities that can be carried out in this region: hiking, walking outdoors, riding, skiing, cultural visits to museums, castles, churches and convents.

Here, you can leave delight from the proposed food and wine of the Michelin-starred restaurants and enjoy the surrounding nature and breathtaking landscapes.

Historical Background

Thanks to the discovery of Ötzi, the famous Iceman, also known as the Iceman 5,300 years, it was possible to establish that the current Alto Adige / Südtirol was inhabited by prehistoric man from the Mesolithic.

Dates back to 590 AD, the German domain of the area by the Bavarians who annexed the Alto Adige / Südtirol in the Duchy of Bavaria making it a purely German region.

In 774 A.D. it was the turn of the French. By Charles the Great the region became part of the kingdom of the Franks.

The Emperor Otto the Holy Roman Empire decided to divide the area into two parts and to give a half to the Bishop of Trento and the other to the Bishop of Brixen.

In 1300 the region came under the Habsburgs and around 1,650 under the control of Vienna.

During the years of Napoleon and the French rule it was attributed to land the name of South Tyrol, controlled by Bavaria, Austria and the Kingdom of Italy Napoleonic. At the end of World War I the Kingdom of Italy incorporated the territory.

Currently in South Tyrol is home to about 500,000 people and speak three languages: German, Italian and Ladin.


Customs and Traditions

Each year, more than 25 years, held in the month of May, the famous Ride of Oswald von Wolkenstein, a competition in between teams from Kastelruth, Seis and Völs.

Each participant must pass several tests including: the passage of the rings, the gallop with obstacles, the maze and the passage between ports.

Among the many folk activities in South Tyrol special mention goes to the medieval games,

which take place every year, in August, to the delight of many spectators who, on the occasion of these events, relive the medieval times.

There are about 211 bands, German Musikkapelle, that delight with their instruments all the participants in the traditional festivals of the country. Typical costumes, handmade, differ from valley to valley and each color has its own meaning.

Another tradition that accompanies the South Tyrolean from 1796 is the Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the result of a vow made by the Tyrolean in opposition to the invasion of the French soldiers in the Napoleonic age.

Every year on the first Sunday after Corpus Domini, bonfires are lit in the mountains, for a beautiful sight.

What to visit

Museums, Castles, Churches, Convets

  • Coira Castel
  • Stetteneck Medieval Castle
  • Presule Castel
  • Ringberg Castel
  • Cathedral and Cloister of Bressanone
  • La Collegiata
  • Chiesetta di San Ippolito
  • Old Carthusian monastery

The valleys and the Alps

Discover the place

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