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Photos by Alto Adige Marketing Helmuth Rier 

Törggelen is an old tradition that takes place from late September until early December. During this period, the farmers used to invite the neighbors and offer them the wine produced.

The name we know today has Latin roots and more specifically comes from the verb “torquere”, means press, the action taken on the grapes in the cellar to obtain the must. Hence over time it has been formed the German expression Törggelen.

Originally from Isarco, this custom requires that the farmers did graze cattle in farms of mountain and should celebrate the harvest period and the new wine on offer giving products typical of the fall season.

Törggelen is a festival created to celebrate a good season and take advantage to exchange ideas and goods.

Toerggelen: traditional food and beverage

During this old tradition we are tasted various local products including, first of all, Speck Alto Adige and Kaminwurzen mark, or the smoked sausage, made from indigenous families or simple dishes of country cooking of the region.

Nowadays, the tables are full of rich dishes filled with smoked meat, sauerkraut, cold cuts and sausages, dumplings, soups, rye bread, cheese.

At the end of each evening they are inevitable in table roast chestnuts and traditional sweets, Kraften, prepared with poppy seeds or chestnuts.

Typical taverns that open at the Toerggelen are known as Buschenschänke and Hofschänke.

Buschenschänke are the rooms where are offered homemade wines while Hofschänke propose wines of origin Alto Adige but not products directly from the house.

It represents a unique opportunity to enter into these characteristic local, which open their doors for about 180 days a year. Are the farmers themselves and their families to deal with taverns and activity.

What to eat in Bolzano

Canederli and cured meats

Photos by Alto Adige Marketing Frieder Blickle and Helmuth Rier 

Among the starters recommend eating salami bacon, ham, salami, dried beef with cheese, butter and good bread.

The famous Speck Alto Adige IGP is a type of ham slightly smoked and aged. It is characterized by the aroma, flavor and texture.

Very famous and appreciated is the venison meat eaten like carpaccio or salami.

The typical Canederli are made with the mixture consisting of bread, milk and eggs.

There are also variants in which, instead of bread, is used buckwheat polenta accompanied by bacon or bacon or cheese.

They are often served in broth or in the version with goulash.

Schlutzkrapfen e Spätzle di spinaci

Photos by Alto Adige Marketing Frieder Blickle

The Schlutzkrapfen are tasty ravioli stuffed with ricotta and spinach with melted butter and roasted bacon.

Always made from spinach are the Spaetzle, dumplings with butter and sage.

Strudel and cheese

Photos by Alto Adige Marketing Tappeiner 

Strudel is a sweet made of South Tyrolean apples, pastry or puff pastry.

Also it contains chopped nuts, raisins, sugar, breadcrumbs, spices, herbs, pine nuts, walnuts or almonds and butter.

It is usually served after a meal, as a dessert, and often is accompanied by vanilla ice cream or whipped cream.

This specialty is very popular among tourists and by the locals and is always present in restaurants, taverns and shelters in South Tyrol.

Among the products with Alto Adige quality mark, to be missed, we mention dairy products derived from fresh milk Alto Adige, which comes straight from the farms of the South Tyrolean Mountains.

Products are yogurt, butter, cream, quark, mascarpone, ricotta and over 90 types of cheese, including the most famous: the Dolomitenkönig, Alta Badia, Val Pusteria and the Bergkäse cheese Stelvio that owe their name to production areas.

Usually the cheese is accompanied by tasty South Tyrolean honey intense taste.

Wine of Bolzano

Lagrein and Santa Maddalena

We testimony that from the Middle Ages "wines of Botzen" (photo by Alto Adige Marketing Frieder Blickle) were considered worthy of praise in the documents contained in monasteries and nobles belonging to the owners of most of the vineyards in Bolzano.

Lagrein is a red grape and derive from it the red wine and rosé Kretzer.

Its origins are rooted in the Bolzano basin and, in particular, in the district of Gries, thanks to the shape of the alluvial soil and sandy, are the enabling environment for the growth of grapes. The wine is made for the entire month of October.

Lagrein is a wine characterized from unmistakable ruby red color with purple veins; the smell is fruity and intense flavor and durable.

Very famous is the one that is produced in the east of Bolzano in Piani, in Rentsch and Ora.

Santa Maddalena, in German St. Magdalener is a DOC wine and is produced exclusively in the territories belonging to the city of Bolzano.

It is a wine with a ruby red color, which takes on a darker color over time.

The smell is reminiscent of a mixture of purple and almond and savory taste has a velvety aroma.

The characteristics of this wine are more pronounced as they age.

In 1923 it was set up a consortium of winemakers who are concerned with the protection of wine Santa Maddalena.